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How do you act if your kid or someone in the family comes home with lice?

Treating the head’s pediculosis is not a complex process, but one that needs a lot of accuracy in each step.

What immediately must be done at home?

1) Wash the sheets and pillowcases at 60°. All textile objects (clothes, sheets, wipes, plushes, hats...) of the child should be washed in the washing machine at more than 60°C. The heat kills lice and inactivates the eggs. If they cannot be washed, seal them in a plastic bag for 15 days, so that the present lice and those that will be born from the possible eggs, will die from a lack of nourishment.

2) Wash brushes and combs. It is not yet clear whether there is a connection between brush sharing and the spread of lice infestation, but for safety it is better to clean brushes, combs and accessories (headbands, clips, ribbons) using hot water at 60°C and soap. Finally, leave them immersed for at least 10 minutes.

3) No to insecticides for the environment. The use of insecticide sprays for environmental hygiene is not recommended and unnecessary. They are ineffective due to their low concentration on treated surfaces and also contain toxic and irritant substances.

How do you get lice out of your head?
The Louse Buster line offers a non-invasive treatment with the exclusive use of natural products (we do not use any chemical pesticide).

It is a mix of essential oils that in addition to nourishing and making the hair shiny, they are a good remedy to kill lice. The Louse Buster Oil has been formulated with various essential oils such as calendula, lavender, cloves, rosemary and others. They develop an anti-parasitic action hindering the reproduction and nourishment processes of the parasite. It can be used by young children (from 1 year up) and also during pregnancy and lactation.

The appilcation of the Louse Buster Oil makes mechanical removal slide easier (wet combing). This is necessary in order to get rid of the intruders, by using deovulating combs with thick teeth.

This is the most effective method in case of pediculosis but requires patience and constancy: it must be repeated every two days for at least two weeks or depending on the severity of the infestation. Use a magnifying glass if necessary

Advantages: absence of chemicals, also suitable for children under two years of age, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Besides doing a targeted prevention, it will help to keep under control the heads of your loved ones.
In this sense, Louse Buster proposes the shampoo and the prevention mousse, that create an adverse enviroment to the settlement and permanence of the lice.

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