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The pediculosis; by following these specific passages it is easy to identify and to contrast: let's find out how to recognize it.

Symptoms of the presence of lice:

> The itching or tickling in the head, especially at the nape and behind the ears, is the first symptom and the most common of the pediculosis.
Humans are allergic to the saliva injected by lice when they suck the skin’s blood.

> Itching means scratching, and this can cause skin lesions, scratches or redness.

> The lice lays its egg or lent about 4 millimeters from the skin.
They can therefore be seen, thanks to a careful inspection, also done with a magnifying lens, both the clear and whitish small animals.

> For safety, if you have children attending common areas such as kindergartens, schools, summer camps, always check their heads a couple of times a month. Initially, the symptoms described above can be mild or still not noticeable, depending on the sensitivity of each one.

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