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Facts about lice

What is


Let's start by saying that lice are small parsites of grey colour and small size (2-5mm of lenght). In order to survive they need blood. That is why they are constantly searching for a warm and safe enviroment to grow and proliferate. That perfect place is our scalp. The female lice lays the eggs, called nits, that hatch in a time period between 6 and 12 days. The nits are white and are easily mistaken for dandruff. Although unlike the latter, they have an ovoid shape and firmly adhere to the hair.

it is better than curing


The lice like the humid and sweet environments (people with ph alkaline), to prevent it is necessary to create an adverse environment to the settlement and to the permanence of the lice on the head. There are some gestures that we can put into practice with a certain regularity in order to prevent the appearance of the lice or to make sure to notice before. Therefore, we have the possibility to eliminate them with more facility.

About pediculosis

Myths and Legends

Yes, they are annoying but not dangerous: these parasites, in fact, are not possible vectors of pathogenic microorganisms. This does not mean, of course, that we can overlook the situation, on the contrary, in the case of pediculosis, we must act promptly: the presence of lice creates a lot of discomfort because of the itching and it spreads easily and quickly. Contrary to what the commonplace believes, the presence of lice is not an indication of bad hygiene and is not affected by the length of the hair (eggs can also be found in a short hair).

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